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Mission Channel
Imagine if a donor could not only track their contributions online, but track the results as well! This unique, one-of-a-kind program is more of a culture change in how organizations communicate with their donors...
  Other Products
Maestro eStore
If your organization or nonprofit sells products, then eStore is your best solution. eStore is a full featured online shopping vehicle for nonprofits designed to do two things specifically...

Maestro eMailer
There is no question - the most cost effective way of staying in touch with your constituency is via email. Email is the fastest growing method of communication - and with a well planned email strategy, the benefits are extensive…

Maestro Survey-Tech
The key to effective donor connectivity is understanding the needs of your constituency. And when those needs are in question, survey tech has the answers. If an organization has a Website with a reasonable number of daily viewers, Survey-Tech provides the ability to gather important information about your constituency quickly…

Maestro Meetings
Does your organization have frequent meetings around the country? If so, we have a solution to keep your constituency informed for a fraction of the cost of traditional mail…

Maestro Referral-Tech
The best form of marketing has always been "word-of-mouth." And now you can increase your word-of-mouth marketing with a simple, effective online program – Maestro Referral-Tech.Referral-Tech moves beyond traditional "refer-a-friend" programs by taking control of the entire process in three easy steps...

Maestro DRS (Donor Relations Suite)
Your complete donor management software. Use online or onsite, Maestro DRS provides seamless database management, donor trend tracking, marketing/acquisition evaluation, credit card processing, recurring payments, receipt processing, and online connectivity tools - all supported by a world class customer solutions team…

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